Collaboration on product customization and distribution

Eurasia Infused, by way of a commercial concession with Hong Kong-domiciled CBD Group Asia Ltd., controls a distribution agreement for CBD and hemp-derived beauty and wellness products for the territories of People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong special administrative region. The distribution agreement extends to Agraflora’s diverse portfolio of CBD-infused and/or hemp-oil-derived CPG personal care products, for which CBD Group Asia will have an exclusive for sales in China, including but not limited to:

  • CBD-infused cosmetics;
  • Hemp body soaps;
  • Hemp-derived lotions and skin serums;
  • CBD-infused sunscreen.

CBD Group Asia’s principals boast over 10 years experience specializing in the importation and customization of premium Canadian consumer packaged goods (CPGs) for the Chinese marketplace. The CBD Group Asia management team has previously distributed premium Canadian CPGs into China’s largest retail chains and C stores, including RT-Mart International Ltd. and Carrefour SA. RT-Mart alone operates over 484 retail locations covering 233 cities and 29 provinces in China and generated $20-billion in sales in 2018.

Agraflora and CBD Group Asia have commenced collaboration on a variety of product customization and distribution initiatives for its Whole Hemp Health line of all-natural skin care products, with the objective of tailoring the company’s product offering for rapid uptake into the Asian CPG markets. The Company’s Whole Hemp Health product line derived from 100-per-cent-organic Canadian hemp seed oil and is presently marketed by way of brick-and-mortar retail outlets, Amazon Prime, as well as direct to consumer, through an integrated Shopify e-commerce platform. Agraflora and CBD Group Asia’s continuing CPG customization and distribution deliverables include:

  • National CPG listings, leveraging CBD Group Asia’s high-traffic distribution channels;
  • Hemp oil certificate of analysis (COA) authorization;
  • Product and packaging customization;
  • Development of a full-spectrum CBD facial serum, infused with hemp root oil;
  • Architecture of a network of Chinese Canutra/Whole Hemp Health-branded pop-up shops, further expanding the company’s retail footprint and brand presence in an economical and contemporary manner;
  • Integration into CBD Group Asia’s proprietary direct to customer Asia sales WeChat platform;
  • Unencumbered access to 1.08 billion current daily users customs brokerage; and,
  • Logistics optimization.

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