The official supplement for when you consume too much cannabis

The company has been granted the Canadian exclusive sublicence for True Focus Canada’s product suite and proprietary IP portfolio, including its patent-pending THC overdose remedy. The sublicense permits the exclusive domestic marketing, distribution and development of the aforementioned THC overdose remedy for a period of 10 years.

With this exclusive sublicence, Agraflora is now armed with a suite of all-natural, nutraceutical formulations, coupled with an intuitive delivery system designed to mitigate the negative side effects associated with excessive THC consumption. The aforementioned product formulations are considered patent pending by way of a U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) patent application.

Delivered to the end-consumer through a pocket-sized, user-friendly spray bottle, True Focus’s revolutionary formulations are designed to be ingested in a sublingual manner.

Recreational cannabis consumption for the purpose of achieving desired levels of euphoric or psychoactive effects can at times lead to adverse and unwanted side effects, given the lack of consistent dose distinction or historical use. True Focus’s patent-pending formulation offers a unique solution to alleviating undesirable symptoms associated with a THC overdose.


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