Suite of Premium Natural Hemp Skincare products

Via a wholly owned subsidiary, AgraFlora Whole Hemp Health controls the Whole Hemp Health suite of Premium Natural Hemp Skincare products. Developed by an expert team of natural product formulators, Whole Hemp Health boasts a fusion of Canadian Hemp with synergistic all natural ingredients makes the Whole Hemp Health skincare line the optimal choice for healthy, vibrant skin.
Whole Hemp Health proprietary formulation includes premium Hemp Seed oil to penetrate the skin and deliver rich nourishment and moisture. Whole Hemp Health’s innovative portfolio of Hemp Seed oil infused includes:
  • Total Body Renew Lotions;
  • Hydrate + Revive Face Creams;
  • Nourishment Serums;
  • Cleansing Milks;
  • Hemp Body Soaps; and, 
  • Liquid Hand Soaps.
AgraFlora markets its Whole Hemp Health product line by way of brick-and-mortar retail outlets, Amazon Prime, as well as direct to consumer, through Canutra’s integrated Shopify e-commerce platform.

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