Delta Greenhouse Complex
Institutional Investor Industry Analyst and Media Tour

Message from the CEO

It’s with great pleasure that I present a recap of our wildly successful investor and media day hosted at our flagship cannabis cultivations project located in Delta, British Columbia, Canada. First and foremost, I would like to thank all attendees who traveled from all parts across the Globe to receive a first-hand look at our world-class greenhouse facility. Preregistration for the event was met with such enthusiasm that a waiting list soon developed, as attended spaces were capped at 100. This robust level of interest was a surprise as we are endowed with some of the most engaged and loyal shareholders that anyone could ask for. We have assembled a photo gallery as well as a comprehensive video overview for anyone that was unable to attend this exciting event.

Participants began the day with an intimate meet and greet with Directors, Officers, as well as key personnel of the Houweling’s Group and AgraFlora. We then walked through our new corporate presentation, which included a review of our accretive acquisition of downstream cannabis business units. Most prominently featured was our Edibles manufacturing company based out of Winnipeg, our state-of-the-art brewing partners and premier bottling facility located in Toronto, as well as our organic hemp-oil infused focused cosmetics subsidiary and last a review of our patented CBD bottle cap delivery technology.

The addition of these downstream assets truly sets AgraFlora apart from our competitors as we will maintain care and control of the entire cannabis value chain, while capturing significant marketshare in these emerging, high margin verticals.

We were then treated to an introduction to the 2.2 million square foot Delta Greenhouse Facility lead by none other than the founder of the Houweling’s Group, Casey Houweling. Casey has long been considered a pilar of the North American agricultural and propagation community; pioneering a suite of innovative cultivation techniques. Casey welcomed the crowd and communicated a brief and humble history of his involvement in the local agricultural industry, while emphasizing his commitment to the PSC joint venture. Casey’s passion for excellence was evident throughout his appeal to an engaged audience.

An interactive tour of the first phase of the bellwether Delta Greenhouse Facility was led by Operations/Propagation Manager, Ruben Houweling. The tour was comprised of a walkthrough of propagation rooms, mother rooms, veg rooms, flower rooms, as well as the processing/drying areas. Ruben was an engaging and well-equipped host, providing thoughtful, intelligent answers to queries from attendees.

We encourage all current and prospective investors to review our investor presentation, now hosted our newly launched corporate website. AgraFlora remains dedicated to providing our stakeholders with up to date information regarding our entire portfolio of projects.

Again I would like to thank everyone for having such enthusiasm and interest in our company and look forward to delivering on our commitments and creating shareholder value. Please take some time to watch our short video as well as review our media catalogue. If you have any questions please feel free to contact our investor relations contact on our website.

– Brandon Boddy, Chairman, CEO & Director

Event Video